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Health Goth- Single Purchase - Box 58

Health Goth- Single Purchase - Box 58

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The Health goth box contains the following fantastic custom-made creations:

Drink up witches water bottle - remember to keep hydrated with our cool canteen bottle. With a monochrome style and sleek finish, holds 550ml.

Daily workout tracker print - A fun and spooky exercise tracker to help you achieve your fitness goals. A5 size print

Running from my demon's pin - Black and silver enamel pin with butterfly clutch back. Would look great on your gym bag.

You goth this motivational art print. A5 sized print

Spooky skull gym towel -  An ideal towel to keep in your gym bag for yoga and fitness. Absorbent microfiber towel with a fun skull and bone print. The press button strap makes it convenient to hang on any equipment you are using and when washing your towel. Approximately 70 cm x 35 cm

Set of three spiral gym hair ties in purple, black and clear. These hair ties help reduce kinks and hair breakage and are a great way to keep your hair in place while working out.

Candy will vary depending on availability

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