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Box 100 - Medieval

Box 100 - Medieval

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The Medieval box contains the following original, custom-made creations. These items are all lovingly drawn and designed by myself, in-house for you to enjoy, unless otherwise stated.

1. We are super excited to bring you our second version of our original Heavy Metal Spike earmuffs! Soft but dangerous, the Heavy Metal Spike Earmuffs are made from the plushest, ultra-luxurious black faux fur, with a vegan leather headband and a crown of stainless steel studs and spikes. The ultra-decadent, oversized earmuffs will elevate your wardrobe while keeping your ears cosy and warm all winter.

2. A pair of stunning sword-shaped hair clips, glinting beautiful and dangerous! Add a touch of fierce drama to your hair. Fully constructed from Stainless steel with black enamel detailing. You will receive a set of two Broadsword hair pins. The hair slides are approx 7.5cm x 1.8cm

3. An adjustable and stretchy lace and velvet choker. Delicate ruffles add a soft and romantic touch to your outfit. One size fits most. (This is a curated item and is not designed by Spooky Box Club)

4. The Plague Doctor will see you now... Brighten up your day and keep the doldrums away with our vibrant pink tear-away notepads. The perfect accessory for any busy ghoul's desk. The notepad is 21cm tall x 14.8cm wide and has 25 pages.

5. Win the heart of your one true love with these beautiful Medieval-inspired dangly earrings. The deep red enamel background and raised metal detailing feature thorned roses in relief, surrounded by a gothic window frame. Finished with stainless steel earring hooks for delicate ears. The rose arch charms are made from alloy metals. You will receive one pair of earrings. The earrings are roughly 4.7cm by 2.4cm

6. A classical Medieval Gauntlet Glove enamel Pin, fit for any fair maiden or dashing knight to adorn their clothing. Features double black rubber heart catches on the back. Large statement Pin measures 6cm x 5cm

7. Lastly, we always include a sweet little treat for you to enjoy in every box :)

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