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Spooky Box Club

Spooky Woods - Ghoul Scout Pocket Hank.

Spooky Woods - Ghoul Scout Pocket Hank.

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Original design made by Spooky Box Club

This cute and handy Pocket Hank features my Spooky Woods illustration. It is printed on a cotton front and has a grey microfibre backing - perfect for cleaning your EDC gear, phones, sunglasses, reading glasses, or wiping your hands and face on the go.

Each Hank is hand-sewn and finished with our Spooky Box Co. branded tag.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Our hanks can be gently hand-washed and ironed. Lay the Pocket Hank out flat, cover it with a tea towel to prevent excessive heat directly on the fabric, and use a lower heat setting to remove any creases from the Hank. 


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