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The Haunted Librarian - Single Purchase - Box 74

The Haunted Librarian - Single Purchase - Box 74

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The Haunted Librarian Box contains the following original products, designed and made by myself for Spooky Box Club:

One gorgeous Tales from a Haunted Library clutch bag, made from black vegan leather, It is a fun book-shaped clutch with a matching slim detachable shoulder strap. I designed the clutch to zip open and lay flat like a real book and it has a lovely purple interior and zippered pocket. An intricate print of trailing vines and other spooky little details such as bones, a little planchette, and silver stars decorates the front of the bag.

Books and tea go together, you know I had to include a new tea blend for you to enjoy! Our Roaming Ghost Vanilla Tea, is a sweet-smelling blend of vanilla and black tea with marigold petals. A perfectly warming tea for those cold, rainy, damp days. Great to enjoy in the afternoon with a good book or after a long day studying. Drink it as it is, after steeping with a splash of milk, or add lemon and sweeten it with sugar or honey to taste. Can be enjoyed cold too as a fragrant and sweet iced tea. Ingredients: black big leaf tea, bourbon vanilla essential oil, marigold petals.

A set of 13 large, self-adhesive bookplates to label your home library. Created from my pen and ink illustration of a little ghost friend on a blustery day at the cemetery. It's such a cute and spooky design. With space for you to write your name and identify any books as part of your personal collection. A perfect gift idea for all book lovers and also really cool for students to label their textbooks!

I also made some super sweater guard-style pins for this theme! Two flapping enameled bats, connected by a central chain with rubber heart catches on the back, in an eye-catching silver finish. They will look amazing pinned on your cardigans, gothic collared shirts, and dresses. I mean who can resist cute little bats to add some vintage spooky - librarian flair to their outfit?!

I had so much fun designing the funkiest most ghostiest, glasses chain you will ever need! Made from solid stainless steel, for its hypoallergenic and higher skin safety qualities, real amethyst and onyx beads surround cute skulls on the dangling chain, each end is finished with rubber hanging loops that you attach and adjust to your glasses. Keep your glasses safe and right where you need them at all times, with our spooky spectacles chain. Not just for reading glasses, why not attach them to your sunglasses too, they are also ideal for when you are driving!

Our Typewriter Keys Ghost Bracelet is an adorable piece that looks like old-fashioned typewriter keys. Each bracelet is handmade so please treat it carefully and avoid contact with water to prolong its life and wear.

Last but not least, every box comes with a little sweet treat just for you. We will pick one for you from our latest selections.

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