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Candy Goth - Box 90 - Single Purchase

Candy Goth - Box 90 - Single Purchase

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Our  Candy Goth Box contains the following original Spooky Box creations!

An ultralight ghost print crossbody bag - Designed and made by me, as that go-to bag for your adventures! Jam-packed with all the pockets and sectional zip pouches you could need to organise your daily essentials. It is ideal for everyday use, theme parks, long vacations, and day trips. The colourful, fun Ghost Confetti all-over print is eye-catching, creepy, cute, and can be matched to all your outfits!

A set of three nibbled candy bone enamel pins, add a cute pastel accent to your coat or bag! You can arrange these sweet little bone pins in a variety of ways from a stack of creepy bones to a tumbling assortment down the front of your leather jacket :)

A pair of Bat Snap hair clips. Keep them in your makeup bag to pin your hair away from your face when you're getting ready, washing your face, or putting on a relaxing face mask. You are going to love how bloody adorable these bat clips look in your hair!

Two sets of Candy Violet and Sugar Pink double-sided satin Shoelaces. Packaged in the most adorable pink holo storage bags. Add an instant pop of colour to your black boots, roller skates, or trainers with our custom-made candy goth pastel laces! 

A pair of sweet little dangly bats earrings that will be right at home swinging from your precious little ear lobes :) We've been told they don't bite, they just look frightfully cute! All Stainless Steel construction including the earring hooks.

A set of Bad Bat shoe charms and a set of Cheeky Skull shoe charms! Hand-made from vegan leather with high-quality brass eyelets. Lace them onto your roller skates, or boots for an instant eye-catching change. 

Last but not least, a sweet little treat will be randomly selected for you, from our latest stock.


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