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Cheshire cat and white rabbit letter set

Cheshire cat and white rabbit letter set

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I loved drawing and making these spooky and fun letter-writing kits for the Lost in Wonderland collection boxes. Now you can purchase a set if you missed out on buying the subscription.

I don't think anything compares to sending and receiving real handwritten, beautiful letters. They are timeless and so special. Why not send some gorgeous snail mail instead of a birthday card or even join a pen pal group? Letter writing is one of the most thoughtful traditions we have and is a million times more pleasing to send and receive than any email could ever hope to be.

Each super cute, handmade letter set contains 4 high-quality lilac envelopes and 8 sheets of thick letter-paper with my Cheshire cat and white rabbit illustrations.

I also created a set of 4 adorable illustrated postage stamp-style stickers to decorate your finished letter once slipped into its lovely lilac envelope!

The stamps feature my Mad hatter's hat, Kooky hookah-smoking caterpillar, sneaky Cheshire cat, and the white rabbit designs.

Designed and made by Spooky Box Club



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