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Spooky Box Club

Punky Oversized Safety Pin

Punky Oversized Safety Pin

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Custom made by Spooky Box Club

Our Giant Safety Pin is such a fun accessory to add to your knitwear, jacket, or coat for that grungy, punk, deconstructed look!


- You may need to get a suitable-sized leather punch to make permanent holes in your garment prior to adding this pin to something like a thick leather jacket or wool coat. It is your responsibility to make sure you want to do that kind of permanent alteration. I repeat, the pin end is blunt - not sharp and it may not puncture through thick/ stiff materials without damaging them, please consider this before making your purchase.  It does work really well with loose knit materials or any fabric with a woven/looped texture for the needle to pass through unhindered. See photos to help you make an informed choice. 

The pin is roughly 13.5cm long




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