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Spooky Box Club

D.I.Y Coffin Earring Stand

D.I.Y Coffin Earring Stand

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An original product designed and made By Spooky Box Club only.

Store your favourite earrings on our darling Coffin-shaped earring stands!

You can paint or stain the coffin-shaped board to match your decor and colour scheme.

The wooden base block is already polished and finished and comes in a neutral wood tone and doesn't require painting.

Slot the two pieces together and get ready to display your studs and dangly earrings - so cute!

Earrings with hooks will require a stronger push to insert the hooks through the coffin boards holes, once you get the hang of how it is done, it should become second nature to insert and remove them from the coffin earring stand with ease.

Our coffin earring stand measures roughly 22.5cm tall x 14cm at its widest point when freestanding and has 46 holes.

The earrings on display in the photos are not included with the purchase of this stand, but are available in our shop!

Material: Wood

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