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Morrigan Crow Alter Cloth

Morrigan Crow Alter Cloth

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This luxurious silky table cloth, is perfect for your altar, tarot readings, or casting the bones! I lovingly illustrated this piece depicting the mysterious Crow with its wings swooping and its talons outstretched and powerful. Symbolically, crows portray that transformational process from the physical to the spiritual realm, they possess a keen insight and intelligence. Along the corners of the cloth, a border of moons, suns, and soft flowering buds mirror our ever-changing phases and growth.

The material is a sumptuous imitation silk, it is vegan friendly, cruelty-free, and ready to be incorporated into your loving home and sacred practice. I can also recommend this piece to be worn like a silky headscarf or even as a beautiful wall hanging. It would make a perfect gift.

Cloth is roughly around 58cm x 58cm (22.5 inches x 22.5 inches)

Overall the size may be slightly bigger or smaller due to the sewn edge finish and is to be expected as with all handmade goods.

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