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Kitchen Witch - Single Purchase - Box 71

Kitchen Witch - Single Purchase - Box 71

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The Kitchen Witch box contains the following beautiful items:

A stunning collapsible herb and flower drying rack. Perfect for hanging in your kitchen or pantry and drying your own yummy herbs and flowers for cooking or crafting. A lot of love went into making this product a reality and I hope you enjoy using it in your home for years to come.

A stunning tea towel featuring my witchy tea time illustrations. This is an extra-large tea towel that can be hung in your kitchen for decorative purposes and also used daily with its hanging loop and quick-dry fabric.

A block of 20, 4'' x 6'' recipe cards, ready to fill with your secret and important family recipes.

A black heart enamel pin with the word curses and a pink heart enamel pin with the phrase Blessed Be. Depending on your mood you can pin WITCH-ever of the two enamel pins is more appropriate for the day :)

A fun set of three ouija board-themed fridge magnets. Who will move the planchette to either yes or no and decide if you should get pizza today? Consult the spirits (or your mates to find out!)

Candy will be randomly selected from our latest selections and included in your box as a sweet little treat.

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